Community Bridges

Provider Resources

Overview of Community Bridges

pdf_icon_web Community Bridges Employee Phone Directory (.pdf)
word_icon_web Community Bridges Mission Statement (.doc)
pdf_icon_web Community Bridges Organizational Chart (Under revision – coming soon)
pdf_icon_web Download Community Bridges Services Brochure (.pdf)


word_icon_web Attendance Form | 521 (.doc)
word_icon_web Attendance Form | Crisis (.doc)
word_icon_web Attendance Form | CSS (.doc)
word_icon_web Attendance Form | Day (.doc)
word_icon_web Attendance Form | Residential (.doc)
word_icon_web Attendance Form | SEP (.doc)
word_icon_web Budget Reduction Policy (.doc)
pdf_icon_web Traditional Budget Template Directions (.pdf)
excel_icon_web Traditional Budget Spreadsheet Template (.xlsx)
pdf_icon_web PDMS Budget Template Directions (.pdf)
excel_icon_web PDMS Budget Spreadsheet Template (.xlsx)
word_icon_web Crisis Funding Request Form (.doc)
word_icon_web Hospitalization Policy (.doc)
word_icon_web Sample Vendor Contract (.doc)

Rights, Health, and Safety

word_icon_web Alone Time Procedure (.doc)
word_icon_web Client’s Rights Brochure (.doc)
pdf_icon_web Health History Information Form (.pdf)
pdf_icon_web Human Rights Policy (Under revision)
word_icon_web Nursing/Medical Intervention Report (.docx)
word_icon_web Incident Report Form (.docx)
word_icon_web Incident Report – Physical Restraint – Form (.doc)
word_icon_web Incident Reporting Policy (.doc)
word_icon_web Legal Rights Brochure (.doc)
word_icon_web Seizure Report (.doc)


word_icon_web BDS Waiver Form (.doc)
word_icon_web Certification Tool (.doc)
word_icon_web Community Bridges Certification Paperwork Requirement (.doc)
word_icon_web Criminal & Motor Vehicle Requirements (.doc)
word_icon_web Day Certification Info Packet (.doc)
word_icon_web Epi-Pen Waiver Form (.doc)
word_icon_web Emergency Certification Application (.doc)
word_icon_web Fire Safety Assessment/Risk Factors (.doc)
word_icon_web Certification Tool for Licensed Homes (.doc)
word_icon_web  Program Closure Notice (.doc)
word_icon_web Application for Certification (.doc)
word_icon_web Residential Certification Info Packet (.doc)
word_icon_web Community Participation Certification Tool (.doc)
word_icon_web Community Participation Certification Admin. Cert. Tool (.doc)
word_icon_web Certification Assessment Survey (.doc)

Medication Administration

word_icon_web 1201A | Short Form (.doc)
pdf_icon_web 1201A | Short Form Instructions (.pdf)
word_icon_web 1201A | Long Form (.doc)
pdf_icon_web 1201A | Instructions (.pdf)
pdf_icon_web 1201A | Request for Waiver (Epi-Pen) (.pdf)
word_icon_web 1201B | Form (.doc)
pdf_icon_web 1201B | Instructions (.pdf)
word_icon_web 1201C | Form (.doc)
pdf_icon_web 1201C | Instructions (.pdf)
pdf_icon_web Area Agency Report to Medication Administration Committee (.pdf)
word_icon_web Medication Occurrence Reporting Form (.doc)

Quality Assurance

word_icon_web Community Bridges Training Overview (.doc)
pdf_icon_web Complaint Investigation Process (Under revision)
pdf_icon_web CSNI Statewide QA Requirements (Under revision)
pdf_icon_web CSNI Data Collection Forms (Under revision)
pdf_icon_web Inter-Agency Collaborative Guidelines (Under revision)
word_icon_web Peer Review | Process (.doc)
word_icon_web Peer Review Form | Documentation Review (.doc)
word_icon_web Peer Review Form | Observation Review (.doc)
word_icon_web Peer Review Form | Self-Assessment (.doc)
word_icon_web Peer Review Form | Staff Interview (.doc)
excel_icon_web Provider Agency Training Tracking Template (.xls)
excel_icon_web Provider Agency Certification Report Template(.xls)
pdf_icon_web Quality Assurance Overview (Under revision)
word_icon_web Semi-Annual Vendor Review Report Template (.doc)

Individual Service Plan

pdf_icon_web Individual Service Plan (ISP) Procedure (.pdf)

Behavioral Intervention

word_icon_web Authorization Form for Behavioral Interventions (.doc)
word_icon_web Behavior Plan Review Procedures (.doc)
word_icon_web Emergency Physical Restraint Form (.doc)
word_icon_web Regional Standards for Implementing Programs to Address Behavioral Challenges (.doc)

Community Bridges is a non-profit agency serving the communities of central New Hampshire. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and may occur as a result of developmental impairments, injury, or aging. We advance the integration, growth, and interdependence of people with disabilities in their home communities in ways that promote their ability to have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves.