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Tyze Program

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Tyze personal networks provide online tools and support for friends, families, and neighbors to care for one another. Community Bridges is currently offering Tyze networks for families to use to strengthen their connections with a circle of support dedicated to caring for their loved one.

People who benefit from Tyze may include:

  • Adult children caring for their aging parents
  • People with acute or chronic illnesses
  • Families supporting a member with a disability
  • Individuals facing a life challenge

What is Tyze?

“I decided to utilize Tyze to keep [Jocelyn’s] team updated and interactive… It is easy to see from the pictures and the posts already that it is a success from everyone’s perspective – they all also have a sense of ownership in this process, as well as a sense of pride.”

– Marlyn Curtin

Tyze is a type of social network where you use the Internet to invite a community of friends online. Tyze is different from other networking sites because your information is never disclosed, there is no advertising, and your network is only open to the people you invite in – like your own private network. The general public cannot find your network by using a search engine.

Benefits of Tyze include:

  • Meeting the day-to-day needs of the person at the center of the network.
  • Strengthening the work of the health and social services systems through improved information sharing and coordination. You can use your network to manage and direct your services.
  • Creating a friendly and neutral online environment that encourages and respects individual contributions.
  • Helping to distribute tasks as a way to support primary caregiver responsibilities.
  • Providing a secure, private, reliable, technology-enabled service.
  • Enabling a greater sense of empowerment through innovative tools, facilitating self-care community involvement, well-being, and improved health outcomes.

How can you create your own Tyze network at Community Bridges?

Community Bridges is offering Tyze online networks through our website with personalized technical assistance provided to you by one of our staff who has completed special certification training.

The annual subscription fee is $50 per year and includes up to 2 hours of set-up and personal consultation to help you organize your network online and begin creating an active circle of support. Additional technical support is available at a $25/hour rate.

If you wish to subscribe now, please download a copy of the subscription form below and send your check for $50 to:

Community Bridges – Tyze Networks
70 Pembroke Road
Concord, NH 03301

pdf_icon_webDownload this form and get started on creating your own personal network.

A representative from Community Bridges will contact you once we receive your form.

Still have questions?

Email us and we’ll have someone give you a call.

Learn more about Tyze!

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