Community Bridges

2012 Donors

Your generosity makes a significant difference in the lives of the individuals and families we support. The majority of our funding is restricted to delivering specific services. Donations provide funding for innovative programs and flexible dollars that enable us to respond to needs that are not funded or funded adequately.

The following donors generously gave to Community Bridges in Fiscal Year 2012
between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

Aekyong Moore
Andy Volinsky and Amy Goldstein
Ann and Jerry Walls
April Bartman
Arriane Lupango
Barbara and Peter Weeks
Barbara Locke
Belinda Huckins
Betsy McNamara and Dan Habib
Bill and Linda Marston
Bill and Martha Hickey
Bow Mills United Methodist Church
Brad and Juanita Hosmer
Brenda Corey
Brenda Litchfield
Brent and Wendy Powell
Brian and Molly Rossignol
Carl Nolin
Carole Kaufman
Charles and Terry Giacopelli
Christine Hamm
Combined Federal Campaign Eastern MA
Combined Federal Campaign Northern New England
Concord Female Charitable Society
Concord Lions Club
Cynthia Gow
Cynthia Murphy
Dale Berube
Danielle Little
Darrell Gerry
David and Teresa Currier
David and Tracey McLaughlin
David Armstrong
David Ossoff
Deanna Clement
Deborah and Dale Chase
Debra Paradis
Delta Dental Plan Of New Hampshire
Diana Menard
Diane Laramie
Douglas & Sharon Savoy
Ellen Wheatley
Endowment for Health
Erik and Chris Anne Wheeler
Farid and Sylva Haddad
First Hand Foundation
Francis and Mary Moritz
Frank and Pat Davis
Gary and Carol Sobelson
Gary and Karen Sloper
George and Debbie Reagan
George and Janet DeVito
George Draper
George Lemay
Glenn and Nancy Geiger
Grace and Lawrence Connon
Granite United Way
Harold and Elizabeth Janeway
Harold Judd
Harold Turner
Harry Allen Gregg Foundation
Inez McDermott and Paul Barbadoro
IPG Employee Benefits
Irene Johnson
James and Linda Gassman
James and Susan Varn
Jamie Belrose
Jane Theriault
Janet Stone
Jeannette Engelmann
Jeff and Carol Schapira
Jennifer Bewersdorf
Jill Lanoie
Jodi Roos
John and Jean Rich
John and Weillah deVera
Jonathan Mishcon
Josee Grenier
Joseph and Terri Trier
Joshua and Claire Lund
Kara Sweeney
Kelly Bourrie
Kevin S Roberts Foundation for Children
Kristin Phillips and Bill Smith
Kurt and Ellyn Schreiber
Laura and Michael Badmaev
Laura Raymond
Lawrence and Marilyn Patz
Lawrence Guay
Leslie Schapira
Linclon Financial Foundation
Lloyd and Leslie Wilcox
Lynn Arthur
Margaret Anderson
Mark and Terri Culjat
Mary Dacuycuy and Frederick Colon
Mary Platt
Mary Stuart Gile
Marybeth Morrill
Merrimack Valley Day Care Service
Michelle Shoemaker
Molly and Erik Brooks
Nancy Glaude
NH Catholic Charities
NHTI Concord
Norman and Diane Leblond
Oglesby and Pamela Young
Oleonda Jameson Trust
ORC International
Patrick and Nicole Fox
Paul and Jean Stevens
Paul Gumbs
Pitney Bowes
Randy and Carmen Kosow
Ray and Diane Raimo
Ray and Suzanne Kelly
Real and Joan Madore
Richard and Genevieve Hicks
Richard and Wendy Koeblin
Robert and Carol Jones
Robert and Doris Williams
Robert and Louise Spencer
Rose Dennerly
Sean and Genella McDonald
Sharon Adrien
Sherri and Dan Hodgdon
Sherry Baker
Shirley and Douglas Brown
Somer Andrews
Stan and Miriam Habib
Stephen R Baum Foundation
Stephen Crawford
Stephen Walker
Steve Gordon and Lucy Karl
Sue Caponi
Summerton Foundation
Susan McHugh
Susan Zimmermann and Michael Laidlaw
Suzanne Allison
Tom and Tammy Jameson
United Healthcare Children’s Foundation
United Way of Massachusetts
University System Of New Hampshire
Valerie Hanson
Victoria and Stephen Mulligan
Walter and Marlies Radermacher
Will and Beth Dixon
William and Carol Cohen
Womenade of Concord
Yvonne Chapman

Community Bridges is a non-profit agency serving the communities of central New Hampshire. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and may occur as a result of developmental impairments, injury, or aging. We advance the integration, growth, and interdependence of people with disabilities in their home communities in ways that promote their ability to have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves.