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Community Bridges Now Offering Tyze

Date posted: March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011
Contact: Community Bridges
2 Whitney Road
Concord, NH

(Concord, New Hampshire) – Community Bridges is pleased to announce they are now offering TyzeTM, a private, online tool for connecting individuals with disabilities to friends, family members, neighbors, and professionals within their personal network.
By offering Tyze, Community Bridges intends to help users at the center of their network develop and communicate with their connected circle of support.

The users of this network may include individuals with disabilities or those caring for individuals with disabilities. Tyze will help these users to further the connection to their community through message and calendar systems, virtual to-do lists, picture and story sharing, and more.

These functions will benefit users by allowing the day-to-day needs of the person at the center of the network to be met, strengthening the coordinated care and quality of information provided, and creating a friendly, safe online environment in which users can feel empowered and involved in the community, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

“The availability of a support network among individuals with disabilities and their caregivers can significantly impact their quality of life,” states Roy Gerstenberger, Executive Director of Community Bridges. “We are confident that offering Tyze will enable Community Bridges to further assist in the building of these networks, enabling the population we serve to live more connected, fulfilled lives.”

For more information or to get connected to Tyze, please call
Community Bridges at 1-800-499-4153.

About Community Bridges

Community Bridges connects individuals with disabilities and their families with resources that help them achieve positive growth and change. By managing a support network of community resources, Community Bridges matches individuals with disabilities to opportunities that help them realize their greatest potential through an individualized plan.

Serving individuals with disabilities of all ages and financial backgrounds, Community Bridges is a not-for-profit organization that solidifies funding and fosters relationships with a trusted network of organizations throughout the community to ensure the best opportunities for individuals in the areas of Early Childhood Support, Residential and Day Services, Career Development, Homecare Services, Self-Directed Services, and Individual and Family Support. For more information call 603-225-4153 or visit

Community Bridges is a non-profit agency serving the communities of central New Hampshire. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and may occur as a result of developmental impairments, injury, or aging. We advance the integration, growth, and interdependence of people with disabilities in their home communities in ways that promote their ability to have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves.