Community Bridges

Day and Residential Services

“As a volunteer at a local assisted living home, Teresa spends time visiting and going out for coffee with one of the residents. The two have become close friends and enjoy each other’s company. By selflessly volunteering her time, Teresa has made a difference in someone else’s life. She is truly a valued member of this community.”

– Victoria Northcot, Community Bridges Care Provider

Community Bridges’ Day and Residential Services and Supported Living/CSS Services are programs that embrace natural, community-based settings to provide support services. We shape the services around the unique needs of the participating individual and their family, looking for ways to integrate these support services into a community experience. Our areas of support include:

  • Personal care assistance and instruction
  • Maximizing mobility and accessibility through modifications
  • Becoming socially connected to others in the community
  • Learning personal management and budgeting
  • Grocery shopping
  • Healthy and safe lifestyles

An Independent Life

Day and Residential Services participants live with a family member, roommate, or in a staffed residence. We empower participants to create their own life plans, make decisions, and openly contribute to their Community Bridges partnerships. Direct support staff members guide participants to live their lives as independently as possible.

Supported Living/CSS Services is a residential option that provides individuals living independently in the community with assistance in daily living. This service is available to individuals who own, lease, or rent their own homes. Community Support Services include outreach support. Outreach support provides targeted hourly support to individuals through one-on-one or group arrangements.

Each staff member is screened, interviewed, and selected based on compatibility factors. Direct support staff members help participants develop relationships within the community, and connect individuals and their families to service and healthcare providers in the community.

We offer 24-hour monitoring for health conditions and can provide an on-call system to assist in emergencies. We develop partnerships with family physicians or other doctors to support individuals in our Day and Residential Services Program. Medication administration is handled through a community-based approach with the help of an Agency Nurse Trainer.

Call Us Today

For more information about Community Bridges’ Day and Residential Services,
call 1-800-499-4153 and ask to speak with a Day and Residential Services Coordinator.

Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact Community Bridges through the Federal Relay Service (NH Relay) by calling 7-1-1 or 1-800-735-4423.

Community Bridges is a non-profit agency serving the communities of central New Hampshire. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and may occur as a result of developmental impairments, injury, or aging. We advance the integration, growth, and interdependence of people with disabilities in their home communities in ways that promote their ability to have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves.