Community Bridges

START Center


The START Resource Center in the State of New Hampshire opened in 2014 and is operated by Community Bridges. The START Resource Center is designed to employ a positive, person-centered approach for assessment, crisis prevention and stabilization in the context of a safe, supportive therapeutic setting for those over the age of 21 who need them.

The START Resource Center can assist someone after discharge from a mental health facility, provide assessment and support to someone in distress, or give ongoing support to an individual who lives with their family but cannot benefit from traditional “respite” programs.

START Resource Centers promote person-centered approaches and training for individuals, families, and caregivers with therapeutic tools, provision of multi-modal clinical assessments, and therapeutic recreational experiences. All interventions and supports can be applied to the person’s home setting, and occur with the active engagement of the individual’s system of care.

All referrals are made through NH START coordinators. There is a maximum length of stay at the Center of no more than 30 days for emergency services, and no more than 5 days for planned services.

*For referrals, please contact the START Coordinator of your Area Agency. 

Click here for Eligibility Criteria.

Community Bridges is a non-profit agency serving the communities of central New Hampshire. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and may occur as a result of developmental impairments, injury, or aging. We advance the integration, growth, and interdependence of people with disabilities in their home communities in ways that promote their ability to have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves.