Community Bridges is here to support you, or your loved one living with a developmental disability or acquired brain disorder, navigate through all the resource milestones of life.

From infancy to eldercare, we are here to support you plan for and achieve a life of quality and inclusion in all aspects of community living. Eligibility for a connection to Community Bridges can be determined at any stage of life. Our focus is to support families and individuals to maximize their strengths and develop their knowledge and skills to achieve life goals.

Below is a list of potential milestones, depending on your path, that you can anticipate on your journey through your life course. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

human timeline

0 - 3 Years   |   3 - 10 Years   |   10 - 14 Years   |   15 - 17 Years   |   18 Years   |   19 Years   |   20 Years
21 Years of Age and Annually Thereafter