Community Bridges Response to COVID-19 Updates

The following documents outline general guidelines for how to avoid, prepare for, and respond to this illness. It also covers expectations and responsibilities of our staff, in the event that either staff or individuals become ill.

Information will be shared by program. Please review the documents pertaining to the program you participate in.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters. Please stay safe and feel free to contact your service provider/ case manager with any questions.

Participant Directed and Managed Services (PDMS):

Guidelines for SDS & IHS Families and Staff

Case Management:

Case Management Service Impact

Information for Residential and Day Services staff:

RDS Staff Guidelines

Individuals Supported by Community Bridges Residential and Day Services:


Families, Gaurdians,  and Home Care Providers of Community Bridges Residential and Day Services:


Please check our website frequently as this situation evolves and new information is made available.

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