5/18/2022: When emailing our staff, if you do not hear back in 24 hours, we ask that you call them directly at 603-226-3212. Thank you.


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  MEMO  May 23, 2022 To: All Staff From: Ann Potoczak CEO RE: Staff Announcement/VP of Individual and Family Support Operations  I am pleased to announce that Sarah Aiken Koutroubas will be moving into the position of the VP of Individual and Family Support Operations.  She will begin this position effective June 1, 2022. Sarah brings knowledge to this position based on her exposure in state wide matters in developmental disabilities. Sarah will be directly supervising the leadership of the Adult Case Management Department, Family Support as well as the PDMS and working with me on the development and growth in these departments.  Sarah will utilize her breadth of system knowledge to assist in moving the Service Coordination services of each department forward while the Bureau of Developmental Services implements their significant shifts in direct billing, conflict of interest and the goals of the A&M report. Her contacts, knowledge, resources, as well as a solid understanding of BDS, BEAS, legislative issues, and committee work will assist her in this new role.  Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Sarah!    Ann Potoczak President & CEO

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