Family Support 3+

People aged 3 or over who are eligible for the NH “area agency system” through Community Bridges will typically first be connected with Family Support. 

Every individual and family have unique values and beliefs as well as strengths and capacities. They also have different needs and preferences when choosing specific supports and services. Our family-directed approach is one in which the family is encouraged to identify their unique priorities and needs, and helps to determine the nature, focus and scope of supports that they choose to receive. 

We believe in and practice a “person and family-centered” approach.  In part, this means that:

  • The person’s and family’s strengths and capacities are recognized and valued
  • Families are recognized as the experts with regard to their family unit and supported family member
  • The person’s unique hopes, aspirations and desired personal outcomes are the central focus of discussions and planning
  • Challenges and needs are addressed respectfully with the intent to uncover preferred and appreciated support, and seek creative, collaborative options for assistance
  • At all stages of life, people are encouraged to develop personal connections, experience opportunities that match their interests and preferences, promote learning and self-discovery, and gain choice and decision-making skills.
  • Families are provided with information and learning opportunities to promote fully informed choice-making
  • Families are supported to develop their knowledge and skills, and to connect with other families to widen their support networks

What supports are offered through Family Directed Support?

The focus of Family Support Services can be flexible to meet your changing priorities needs over time, and to support you through life’s milestones. Some of the ways we can support you include:

  • Family Respite
  • Information about and referral to and connection with community resources and services
  • Family to Family Connections
  • Preparation for and attendance at school meetings as requested
  • Planning for future services, exploring a variety of service provision and funding options
  • Assistance with planning for life transitions, from early supports and services, to school services to adult life
  • Education planning in collaboration with the school including High School transition to adult life
  • Assistance with applying for state and federal benefits
  • Assistance in accessing home modifications or adaptive equipment
  • Referral to community funding sources for desired activities, equipment, emergency needs, etc.
  • Trainings and workshops for individuals and families
  • Community networking events for individuals and families

The most effective way for us to be responsive to your needs and to build a relationship with you over time is to remain in regular contact.   We look forward to partnering with you!

Primary Contact - Family Directed Support
Courtney Faison, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, ext. 204
“Thank you just doesn’t seem a big enough word to express our gratitude and appreciation for what Community Bridges has done for our family.” – Melissa (Parent)
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