Individualized Family Support Plans

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For the initial evaluation, your child is assigned a team that includes at least two certified developmental specialists from different areas to assess your child’s development. As the parent(s), you are an integral partner on this team. Through expertly directed and focused collaboration, the specialists work with you to determine eligibility to receive specific services and if necessary, develop an Individualized Family Support Plan, commonly abbreviated IFSP.

Created only for your child, the IFSP will focus on creating learning opportunities to support your child’s developmental growth and make the most of their unique gifts.

Family-Centered Services

We’re with you every step of the way as you navigate the various resources your child will possibly need now and in the future. Your eligible child will have an assigned service coordinator who will help you navigate through the resources available to help your child. Importantly, they will also work to support you in your critical and central role as parents and primary caregivers.

You service coordinator can help you work through parenting and life needs such as:

  • Finding resources and making referrals to community services such as childcare, Early Head-Start, parent support, and education groups
  • Exploring other medical referrals and resources available to you including diagnostic centers, hearing and vision specialists and other pediatric specialists.
  • Attending medical appointments or other cross-over appointments when needed
  • Assisting and assuring communication between your child’s various service providers
  • Supporting your child at age 3 in transitioning to the next appropriate service

Remember that Community Bridges is here for you and your child. If you have questions or worries about your child’s early development, you don’t need to feel lost or alone. Community Bridges is here to help support you through this unfamiliar journey.

Primary Contacts - Early Support Services

Karen Lofgren, ESS Director  ext. 278

Sabrina Green, ESS Intake Coordinator ext. 250

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