New Hampshire START Resource Center Services

The New Hampshire START Resource Center, operated by Community Bridges, opened in 2014. In keeping with our positive, person-centered approach to serving adults, we provide assessment, crisis prevention, and stabilization for those over 21 with mental or behavioral health concerns in a safe, supportive therapeutic setting.

The START Resource Center promotes therapeutic environment using positive psychology and a person-centered approach with individuals who experience Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and mental or behavioral health challenges. The Center can provide training for individuals, families, and caregivers while an individual is at the Center with therapeutic tools, clinical assessments, and therapeutic recreational experiences.  As with other Community Bridges support services, your family and the individual are members of the team--partners in the care and support of the person experiencing a mental health crisis. Individuals who benefit most from the Center are those who have not been able to benefit from traditional “respite” programs. Instead, the need is more a more intensive therapeutic level of support while individuals work on specific therapeutic goals at the Center with the support of highly trained staff.

All referrals to the START Resource Center are made through NH START coordinators. There is a maximum length of stay at the Center of no more than 30 days for emergency services, and no more than 5 days for planned services.

*For referrals, please contact a Community Bridges START Coordinator.

Eligibility for START Resource Center Planned and Emergency Services

Enrolled in START Services and receiving services through an Area Agency

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Has fair self-care skills (able to   respond to verbal and physical cues or using incontinence products)
  • Not in need of intensive medical care (i.e. feeding tube or pic lines)
  • Able to self-evacuate within 3 minutes from the START Center with or without prompts
  • Please contact START Services for eligibility if the individual does not have a permanent residence

START Resource Center Cannot Support:

  • Individuals with a recent and active history of forensic involvement, fire setting, sexual offense, etc.
  • Individuals with a significant history of eloping from care (people who frequently leave unsecure facilities)
  • Individuals registered as a sex offender*

*May still qualify for START clinical services 

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Primary Contacts - START Program

Valerie Tetreault, M.A.A.P  START State Director 603-631-2053

Barb Drotos, LICSW  START Clinical Director 603-717-6801

Bill Baker, Director of START Resource Center 603-975-0022

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