Adult Case Management

Caring for a family member with an intellectual disability or brain injury is a lifelong commitment.  That is why Community Bridges is dedicated to providing caring, responsive, consistent and effective support to each individual and family over the lifespan.

Our Adult Case Management team supports adults eligible to receive formal services funded through the Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver allocated through the NH Bureau of Developmental Services.  Adults receiving formal services may live in the comfort of home with their families, on their own, or in supportive residential settings for people with specialized needs. 

Our Person-Centered Approach:

We support each person to identify his or her own vision of a good life. We assist the individual and their supporters to negotiate for the services and supports that would be the most appropriate and beneficial based on the person’s values, interests, preferences, strengths, capacities, support needs and desired personal life outcomes. 

We work personally with each individual, their family and chosen personal support network. The specialized providers contracted to design and implement a collaborative service plan encourage informed choice and personal decision making. They support continued learning, personal growth, better health & well-being. Importantly, service providers will promote participation in community settings and opportunities to develop meaningful relationships and connections

Your Case Manager’s Role:

Your Case Manager’s role is to support personal choice and decision-making, and to advocate as necessary on your behalf.  We partner with you, your family and chosen support network to:

  • Create Individualized Service Agreements to outline service expectations, highlight desired life outcomes, personal and service-related goals, important clinical support needs, and ways you or our family choose to design and direct supports,
  • Monitor, evaluate and if needed, adjust services over time to ensure that they remain tailored to reflect your specific interests, preferences and needs, and are conducted in a manner that respectfully reflects what is important to you and for you
  • Explore and combine resources to enhance and maintain the collective system of formal, community, and natural support around you so you can live, work, learn, connect, participate and enjoy life to the fullest in the way you desire
  • Support you to continually discover how your interests, preferences, skills, talents, needs and goals evolve through life experiences, so your services can evolve with you over time.

Case Management in State Regulations:

A Case Manager is chosen by each person and his or her family/guardian and approved by Community Bridges to provide specific supports outlined in He-M 503.08 to ensure continuity and quality of services provided.

This state regulation outlines person-centered service planning, team meeting facilitation, service quality monitoring, documentation, reporting requirements and other aspects of the advocacy role of the Case Manager. You can choose to have a Community Bridges Case Manager provide this role or consider alternative ways to receive this support. We can help you explore the various options for your Case Management provisions.

Primary Contact - Adult Case Management
Laura Girard, Director of Adult Service Coordination,
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