Community Choices

Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

community choices logoCommunity Choices is a non-profit agency in Central New Hampshire serving people with disabilities, whether developmental or as the result of a brain injury. We believe communities are enriched when all individuals are empowered to contribute. We enable those with disabilities to remain in and be part of their local community. Our staff provides guidance, so individuals can make personal decisions about how they choose to live and work. Their families, guardians and others who support them are encouraged to provide input, so the individual’s life is as rich as possible.

We do this by finding opportunities, creating networks, and building relationships through person- centered planning. This draws on the person’s skills and life experiences, so they can remain in and contribute to the community.

We find unique and creative ways that people with disabilities can enrich the lives of others in their communities — through employment, companionship, or assistance to others.

We identify barriers that make remaining in the community difficult, and help our participants focus their strengths, interests, and abilities to overcome these barriers.

Community Choices Residential and Day Services (RDS) are programs that embrace natural, community-based settings to provide support services. We customize our care and services around your family’s unique needs, while helping to ensure your child or older adult feels like an integral, contributing member of the community. Our support includes:

  • Personal care assistance and instruction
  • Maximizing mobility and accessibility through modifications
  • Connecting your loved one to your local community for socializing and peer support
  • Teaching personal management and budgeting
  • How to live a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • Person-centered planning so every individual enjoys a dignified life


Community Choices has nine homes that are staffed 24 hours. Presently five homes have individuals that present some behavioral challenges, and there are four homes where the individuals have either complex medical needs, aging issues, or acquired brain disorders.

Individuals in our Residential and Day Services programs live with a family member, roommate, or in a staffed residence. We empower participants to create their own life plans, make decisions, and contribute to their Community Choices partnerships. Caring staff offer direct support to guide them to live as independently as possible.

“Community Bridges provided guidance when I didn’t know what to do. The staff is wonderful, supportive, and encouraging. Not only have they helped my son with his speech, they have helped me through some difficult times as a mother.” -  Julie
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