Career Development Program

community choices logoThis inclusion-oriented program goes into communities to build awareness about encouraging people with disabilities to join the workforce. Everyone deserves to feel valued, so we identify potential employment opportunities and work creatively so individuals with disabilities can share their natural talents, enthusiasm and spirit. Some of these creative solutions include internships, on-the-job training, and collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation.

Career Development services include:

  • Job shadowing
  • Informational interviewing support
  • On-site work observations
  • Labor market surveys
  • Education about different job functions and skills
  • Advocating for an employee to have a job expanded, changed, or adapted

A job provides everyone—with or without a disability—a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging, and a set of goals. Working empowers individuals, giving them a sense of self-worth and personal accomplishment. Whether paid or volunteer, people who work experience benefits beyond monetary compensation, including:

  • An opportunity to share natural talents and abilities
  • A chance to improve social skills
  • A way to build a personal identity
  • An opportunity to meet new people
  • A path to learning new skills


A Career Development specialist works with employers to find, modify and create jobs for participants in our program. Local and national businesses understand the value of including those with disabilities and how this can help build a strong, diverse community.

Primary Contact - Career Development Program
Kerry Auger, Senior Director of Community Choices  603-225-4153

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