5/18/2022: When emailing our staff, if you do not hear back in 24 hours, we ask that you call them directly at 603-226-3212. Thank you.

Provider List

Community Bridges coordinates direct services for individuals and families with the following vendors:

Advocates  - www.advocates.org
Becket Family Services - www.becket.org
Brock Children’s Home - 603-435-8032    
Community Resources for Justice - www.crj.org
Crotched Mountain - www.crotchedmountain.org
Devereux - www.devereux.org
Easter Seals NH - www.eastersealsnh.org
Farmsteads of New England - www.farmsteads-ne.org
Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation - www.finr.net
Granite State Independent Living - www.gsil.org
Independent Service Network - www.isnnh.com
Institute of Professional Practice Inc - www.ippi.org
Justice Resource Institute - www.jri.org
Lifeshare - www.lifeshareusa.com
Living Innovations - www.livinginnovations.com
Neurointernational (Boston) - www.neurointernational.com
Neurorestorative - www.neurorestorative.com
North Country Independent Living - www.ncilnh.com
Residential Resources - www.resresources.com
Robin Hill Farm - www.robinhillfarm.com
Rose Meadow Farm - www.rosemeadowgroup.com
Rose Meadow Gardens - www.rosemeadowgroup.com
Siddharth Service - siddharthservices.com
Summit - 603-232-7194
Work Opportunities Unlimited - www.workopportunities.net