Shared Living Program

community choices logoThis program is based on a “shared life” approach to providing quality care and supports to people experiencing disabilities.  In turn, the caregiver welcomes the individual as an active member of his or her network of family, friends, and acquaintances. Shared Living is a very effective support system that gives your family member the opportunity to learn life skills, develop greater self-esteem, and live a more interdependent life within his or her community. We believe that inclusion and enduring relationships are vital to a full and fulfilling life.

Home Care Providers participate actively in all individual-centered conferences and team meetings, and implement objectives agreed upon at those meetings. Each Home Care Provider is screened, interviewed by the individual and/or guardian and program manager, and selected based on compatibility. All Home Care Providers are fully trained and assisted by a manager and Agency Nurse Trainer to help shape and follow through on all of the individual’s needs, as well as all state and federal regulations.

adult man with down syndrome on couch with relative

Primary Contact - Shared Living Program
Pratap  Thapa  (PT)   603-225-4153 ext. 280