Community Participation Services 

community choices logoCommunity participation services, also called day services, means assistance and instruction provided to individuals with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders. These services are part of a comprehensive array of community-based services we offer, that are designed to:

  • Improve or maintain basic living skills;
  • Offer vocational, volunteer and/or community activities;
  • Enhance social and personal development;
  • Include consultation services, as needed and as specified in service agreements, to improve or maintain communication, mobility, and physical and psychological health; 
  • Meet the individualized needs and achieve the desired goals and outcomes as specified in the service agreement;
  • Support the individual to achieve and maintain valued social roles, such as being an employee or community volunteer; and
  • Promote personal choice and control in all aspects of the individual’s life and services. This includes involving your loved one, to the extent that he or she is able, in the selection, hiring, training, and ongoing evaluation of his or her primary staff, and in determining the quality of services.


friends playing a gameAt Community Choices, we are committed to serving these individuals, guided by these principles:

  • Support the individual’s participation in a variety of community activities and settings;
  • Assist the individual to be a contributing and valued member of his or her community through vocational and volunteer opportunities;
  • Meet the individual’s needs, goals, and desired outcomes, as identified in his or her service agreement, regarding local opportunities for volunteerism, employment, personal development, socialization, recreation, communication, mobility, and personal care;
  • Help the individual to achieve more independence in all aspects of life by helping them learn, improve, or maintain necessary life skills;
  • Promote the individual’s health and safety;
  • Protect the individual’s right to freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation; and
  • Provide opportunities for the individual to exercise personal choice and independence within the bounds of reasonable risks.


We work with your family member to provide and coordinate these services primarily in the community, instead of in their home.

Primary Contact - Community Choices Day Services
Patricia Purrington - Community Support Service Manager
603-225-4153 ext. 310

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