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2019 Priority Bills (full list)        

HB696 "Establishing A Protective Order For Vulnerable Adults."    
Sponsor: Rep. Robert Renny Cushing

HB108 "Relative to The Number Of Days Per Year A Charitable Organization May Offer Bingo.”
This bill increases the number of days per year a charitable organization may offer bingo. 10-16
Sponsors: Rep. Timothy Lang; Rep. Alicia Lekas; Rep. John Potucek;  et al.

HB111 "Establishing A Committee to Study The Effect The Opioid Crisis and Domestic Violence Has On New Hampshire Children.”
This bill establishes a committee to study the effect the opioid crisis and domestic violence has on New Hampshire children.
Sponsors: Rep. Mary Jane Mulligan; Rep. Kimberly Rice; Rep. Linda Tanner; et al.

HB113 "Relative to Qualifications For and Exceptions From Licensure For Mental Health Practice.”
This bill allows experience as a master licensed alcohol and drug counselor to qualify as experience for licensure as a clinical social worker or clinical mental health counselor.  The bill also clarifies the mental health license exemption for psychotherapy activities and services of psychologists and master licensed alcohol and drug counselors.
Sponsors: Rep. Carol McGuire; Rep. John Reagan; Rep. Steven Beaudoin; et al.

HB123 "Relative to Emergency Response Plans In Schools.”
This bill requires each school's emergency response plan to include at least one drill to test emergency response to an armed assailant.    
Sponsors: Rep. Rick Ladd; Rep. Barbara Shaw; Rep. Glenn Cordelli

HB233 "Relative to The Group and Individual Health Insurance Market.”
This bill establishes the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009, Public Law 111-148, as amended in statute.    
Sponsors: Rep. Edward Butler; Rep. Cindy Rosenwald; Rep. Jerry Knirk;  et al.

HB164 "Relative to Reporting Statistics On Student Behavior.”
This bill requires school principals to report certain student behavior to the school board.
This bill also requires school boards to include reports of certain student behavior in the school board minutes.
Sponsors: Rep. Dave Testerman

HB726 “Relative to The Secure Psychiatric Unit."    
Sponsor: Rep. Robert Renny Cushing

HB171 "Establishing A Commission to Study Equal Access and Opportunity For Students with Disabilities to Participate In Athletics.”
This bill establishes a commission to study equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in athletics.
Sponsors: Rep. Timothy Lang; Rep. David Watters; Rep. John Reagan; et al.

HB456 "Relative to Persons Required to Register As A Lobbyist.”
This bill removes the exception from required lobbyist registration for certain communications by an employee on behalf of his or her employer.     
Sponsors: Rep. Marjorie Smith; Rep. Daniel Eaton; Rep. Martha Fuller Clark; et al.

HB237 "Establishing The New Hampshire Rare Disease Advisory Council.”
This bill establishes the New Hampshire rare disease advisory council to advise the legislature and the department of health and human services on rare diseases in New Hampshire.
Sponsors: Rep. William Marsh; Rep. Cindy Rosenwald; Rep. Frank Kotowski; et al.

SB15 "Making An Appropriation to The Affordable Housing Fund.”
Sponsor: Sen. Jeb Bradley

HB513 "Relative to Allowing The Use Of Certain Therapy Animals or Facility Dogs For Therapeutic Purposes In Proceedings Involving Children or Certain Other Persons.”
Sponsor: Rep. Katherine Rogers

HB239 "Relative to License Requirements For Certain Mental Health and Drug Counselors.
This bill reduces the number of hours or work experience required for licensure as a master licensed alcohol and drug counselor, a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, a licensed clinical supervisor, a clinical social worker, and a clinical mental health counselor.
Sponsors: Rep. Jack Flanagan; Rep. David Lundgren; Rep. Kimberly Rice

HB716 "Relative to Transportation Costs Of Certain Pupils."    
Sponsor: Rep. Jack Flanagan

HB297 "Relative to Political Advertisements On Behalf Of Political Committees or Advocacy Organizations.”
This bill requires that any political advertisements made on behalf of political action committees or political advocacy organizations contain the same name and address on the advertisement as is registered with the secretary of state. Sponsors: Rep. Steven Smith; Rep. William Marsh

HB520 "Relative to Availability Of Diaper Changing Stations In Public Restrooms."    
Sponsor: Rep. Donovan Fenton

SB182 "Relative to A Duty to Report When Another Person Has Suffered Grave Physical Harm." Sponsor: Sen. John Reagan

SB176 "Establishing A Committee to Study Mental Health and Human Service Business Process Alignment and Information System Interoperability."    
Sponsor: Sen. Jay Kahn

HB383 "Relative to Nondiscrimination In Public and Nonpublic Schools.”
This bill provides that RSA 354-A, the state law against discrimination, shall apply to any public or nonpublic school that receives public funds.    
Sponsors: Rep. Linda Tanner; Rep. Constance Van Houten; Rep. Gerri Cannon; et al.

HB222 "Relative to Criteria For Teachers In Charter Schools.”
This bill requires the teaching staff of a chartered public school to consist of a minimum of 75 percent of teachers licensed by the state of New Hampshire.    
Sponsor: Rep. Timothy Horrigan; Rep. Constance Van Houten; Rep. Linda Tanner

HB531 "Relative to The Delivery Of Absentee Ballots Cast By Elderly or Disabled Citizens." Sponsor: Rep. Karen Ebel

HB532 "Relative to Payment For Earned But Unused Vacation Time."    
Sponsors: Rep. Michael Cahill; Rep. Andrew Renzullo

HB253 "Relative to Criminal Records Checks In The Employee Application Process.”
This bill prohibits employers from asking a job applicant about his or her criminal history prior to an interview.
Sponsor: Rep. Michael Cahill

HB255 "Relative to Shift Differential Pay For Employees Who Work Overnight.”
This bill requires an employer to pay a shift differential for employees working an overnight shift.     
Sponsor: Rep. Richard Komi

HB257 "Relative to Purchasing Alliances.”
This bill declares that health coverage purchased through a qualified purchasing alliance shall be considered by the department of insurance to be large group coverage.  The bill also clarifies certain laws relative to purchasing alliances.
Sponsor: Rep. John Hunt

HB259 "Relative to Building Code Violations.”
This bill requires building code violations for substandard workmanship or non approved materials to include the relevant section of the state or local building code.    
Sponsors: Rep. Steven Beaudoin; Rep. Bob Giuda; Rep. Carol McGuire; et al.

HB370 "Requiring Code Compliance Inspection For Building Permits..  
After a municipality has adopted a building code, any person who intends to erect or remodel any building in the municipality shall submit the plans to the building inspector for the building inspector's examination and approval prior to commencement of the planned construction.
Sponsor: Rep. Steven Beaudoin

HB 712 "Relative to A Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program."    
Sponsor: Rep. Mary Jane Wallner

HB537 "Relative to The Release Of Motor Vehicle Records."    
Sponsor: Rep. George Sykes

HB304 "Relative to Policies Required For Health Facilities and Special Health Care Service Licenses.”
This bill repeals a provision of law relative to a written policy regarding services provided by facilities licensed pursuant to RSA 151.
Sponsors: Rep. Mark McLean; Rep. Jason Osborne; Rep. Mark Warden

HB483 "Establishing The Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (psypact).”
Sponsor: Rep. Al Baldasaro

HB231 "Requiring School Districts to Establish Policies Relating to Suspensions and Expulsions.
This bill requires the state board of education to require school districts to adopt policies regarding school suspensions and expulsions.    
Sponsors: Rep. David Doherty; Rep. Linda Tanner; Rep. Patricia Cornell

HB400 "Relative to Alternative Transportation Of Students For Public School Activities.
This bill authorizes the use of certain private vehicles to transport students to and from school activities.    
Sponsors: Rep. Kevin Verville; Rep. James Spillane; Rep. Sharon Carson

HB269 "Relative to Grounds For Denial Of A Chartered Public School Application.”
This bill deletes a provision which prohibited the state board of education from denying a chartered public school application based on lack of state funding.    
Sponsor: Rep. Timothy Horrigan

HB562 "Relative to The State Building Code."
Sponsor: Rep. Rebecca McWilliams

HB690 "Removing The Work Requirement Of The New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program."    
Sponsor: Rep. Rebecca McWilliams

HB719 "Establishing The Position Of School Nurse Coordinator In The Department Of Education and Making An Appropriation Therefor."    
Sponsor: Rep. Polly Campion

HB721 "Relative to Special Education In Towns with No Public Schools."    
Sponsor: Rep. Tamara Le

HB628 "Relative to Adult Changing Stations In Certain Places Of Public Accommodation."
Sponsor: Rep. Tamara Le

HB487 "Establishing A Registry For The Deaf, Hard Of Hearing, and Deaf/blind In The Department Of Health and Human Services.”
This bill establishes a registry relative to persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf/blind in the department of health and human services.  The bill grants rulemaking authority to the commissioner of the department of health and human services for the purposes of the bill.    
Sponsor: Rep. Marjorie Porter; Rep. Lou D'Allesandro

HB488 "Requiring Interpreters For The Deaf and Hard Of Hearing At The State House Campus.”
This bill declares that interpreters shall be provided to persons who are deaf or hard of hearing if such person wishes to consult with their senator or representative on the state house campus.    
Sponsor: Rep. Marjorie Porter

HB489 "Relative to Changing A Pupil's School.”
This bill revises the procedures for a change of school or assignment because of manifest educational hardship.    
Sponsor: Rep. Rick Ladd

HB275 "Relative to School Nurse Certification.”
This bill establishes the process for the selection of school nurses and removes the certification requirements for school nurses.    
Sponsors: Rep. Josh Yokela; Rep. Carol McGuire; Rep. Chris True; et al.

HB277 "Establishing A Commission to Study A Public Option For Health Insurance.”
This bill establishes a commission to study a public option program for health insurance in New Hampshire.    
Sponsors: Rep. Jerry Knirk; Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong; Rep. John Fothergill;  et al.

HB677 "Relative to Discipline Of Disabled Students, Addressing Students' Behavioral Needs, and Making An Appropriation Therefor.”
Sponsors: Rep. Mel Myler; Rep. Joelle Martin; Rep. Patricia Cornell; et al.

HB578 "Relative to Services For The Developmentally Disabled."    
Sponsor: Rep. Jerry Stringham

HB343 "Relative to Application Of The State Fire Code to Foster Homes.”
This bill provides that a foster family home shall be exempt from local fire regulations and ordinances provided that the home complies with the requirements of the state fire code.    
Sponsors: Rep. Sean Morrison; Rep. Carol McGuire; Rep. Fred Doucette; et al.

HB692 "Relative to Dental Care For Medicaid Recipients."    
Sponsor: Rep. Jennifer Bernet

HB570 "Establishing A Committee to Study Career Pathways From Full-time Service Year Programs to Postsecondary Education and Employment Opportunities In Support Of New Hampshire's Future Workforce Needs."    
Sponsor: Rep. Matthew Wilhelm

HB621 "Establishing A Commission On Aging."    
Sponsors: Rep. Polly Campion; Rep. George Sykes

HB441 "Relative to Disclosure Of Information By Lobbyists.”
This bill requires the identification of a private organization responsible for distributing a model act used by a legislator to propose legislation.  The bill also requires lobbyists to disclose their affiliation upon contacting a member of the general court by telephone, email, or other electronic communication.    
Sponsor: Rep. Ellen Read

HB631 "Establishing A Deaf Child's Bill Of Rights and Establishing An Advisory Council On The Education Of Deaf Children."
Sponsor: Rep. Marjorie Porter

HB693 "Reforming The Managed Care Program."    
Sponsor: Rep. Peter Schmidt

HB695 "Relative to Transparency Of Nonprofit Patient Advocacy Organizations."    
Sponsor: Rep. Rebecca McBeath

HB725 "Relative to Medicaid Care Management Contractor Requirements For Provider Credentialing and Prompt Payment."    
Sponsor: Rep. Jerry Knirk

HB637 "Relative to Criminal History Background Checks By Employers and Public Agencies." Sponsor: Rep. Erin Hennessey

HB291 "Establishing A Committee to Study Certain Findings and Other Initiatives Regarding End-of-life Care.”
This bill establishes a committee to study certain findings and other initiatives regarding end-of-life care.    
Sponsor: Rep. Edward Butler; Rep. Constance Van Houten; Rep. Jerry Knirk;  et al.

HB657 "Relative to The Lowest Cost Option In The Formulary Under The Managed Care Law."
Sponsor: Rep. Edward Butler

HB658 "Relative to Price Increases Of Drugs Under The Managed Care Law."    
Sponsor: Rep. Edward Butler

SB258 "Relative to Telemedicine."    
Sponsor: Sen. Jay Kahn

SB97 "Relative to Licensure Of Health Facilities Near A Critical Access Hospital."    
Sponsor: Sen. Jeb Bradley

SB137 "Relative to The Certification Of School Nurses."    
Sponsor: Sen. David Watters

SB289 "Relative to The Department Of Health and Human Services."    
Sponsor: Sen. Martha Fuller Clark

HB665 "Relative to New Hampshire Cost-of-living Information."    
Sponsor: Rep. Skip Cleaver

SB259 "Expanding Eligibility For The Medicaid For Employed Adults with Disabilities (mead) Program."    
Sponsor: Sen. David Watters

SB5 "Making An Appropriation Relative to Medicaid Provider Rates For Mental Health and Substance Misuse."    
Sponsor: Sen. Cindy Rosenwald

SB308 "Relative to The Health Care Workforce and Making An Appropriation Therefor."    
Sponsor: Sen. Cindy Rosenwald

SB27 "Relative to Certain Unclassified Positions Within The Department Of Health and Human Services.”
This bill changes the name of certain unclassified positions in the department of health and human services.  The bill also repeals the nomination process for division directors in the department.
The bill is a request of the department of health and human services.    
Sponsor: Sen. John Reagan

SB243 "Relative to Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief."    
Sponsor: Sen. Jon Morgan

SB86 "Establishing A Commission to Study Programs For Serving Individuals with Developmental and Mental Health Disabilities."    
Sponsor: Sen. Cindy Rosenwald

SB60 "Relative to Advance Notice to Hourly Employees Of Work Schedules."    
Sponsor: Sen. Martha Fuller Clark

SB100 "Relative to Discrimination In Employment Based On Criminal Background Checks."
Sponsor: Sen. Dan Feltes

SB106 "Relative to The Definition Of Political Advocacy Organization."    
Sponsor: Sen. Dan Feltes

SB227 "Relative to Multiple-employer Welfare Arrangements."    
Sponsor: Sen. Jeb Bradley

SB67 "Relative to The Definitions Of Resident and Residence."    
Sponsor: Sen. Melanie Levesque

SB18 "Relative to Authorized Employee Wage Deductions.”
This bill allows a public employee to specify voluntary deductions from wages for any insurance or employee benefit.
Sponsor: Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh

SB224 "Relative to Insurance Coverage For Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders."
Sponsor: Sen. Cindy Rosenwald

SB288 "Relative to Privatization Contracts By State Agencies."    
Sponsor: Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh

SB252 "Relative to The Detection and Prevention Of Financial Exploitation Of Vulnerable Adults."    
Sponsor: Sen. Donna Soucy