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Connecting Individuals with Disabilities to their Communities

Individuals with disabilities and their families work with Community Bridges to manage their unique challenges, maneuver the obstacles, and thrive in their communities.

For over 35 years, Community Bridges has provided the tools and support to individuals with disabilities, so they become welcomed and active contributors to our community, and that makes it a better place for everyone! service area

Our individual approach is focused on creating the best life possible for every individual we serve. From early childhood through all phases of life, people experiencing developmental disabilities or injuries have an advocate and caring partner to help them utilize their skills and talents to live a productive and rewarding life that they choose for themselves.

Our Service Area

Allenstown, Andover, Boscawen, Bow, Bradford, Canterbury, Chichester, Concord, Danbury, Deering, Dunbarton, Epsom, Franklin, Henniker, Hill, Hillsborough, Hopkinton, Loudon, Newbury, New London, Northfield, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Salisbury, Sutton, Warner, Weare, Webster, Wilmot, Windsor

Enhanced Family Care

community choices logoThis program is based on a “shared life” approach to providing quality care and supports to people experiencing disabilities.  In turn, the caregiver welcomes the individual as an active member of his or her network of family, friends, and acquaintances. Shared Living is a very effective support system that gives your family member the opportunity to learn life skills, develop greater self-esteem, and live a more interdependent life within his or her community. We believe that inclusion and enduring relationships are vital to a full and fulfilling life.

Home Care Providers participate actively in all individual-centered conferences and team meetings, and implement objectives agreed upon at those meetings. Each Home Care Provider is screened, interviewed by the individual and/or guardian and program manager, and selected based on compatibility. All Home Care Providers are fully trained and assisted by a manager and Agency Nurse Trainer to help shape and follow through on all of the individual’s needs, as well as all state and federal regulations.

adult man with down syndrome on couch with relative

Consider becoming a Home Care Provider

We are in search of an individual, couple or family in the Merrimack County area interested in becoming shared Home Care Providers.

When you become a Home Care Provider, you are not only opening your home to a person who will benefit from shared living, you are also making a positive impact on their life. You are helping build community connections and creating a supported family atmosphere. Applicants must be compassionate, patient, and have a passion for enhancing the lives of those they support.

Community Bridges works side by side with both the Home Care Providers and the individuals to find the right match for the best possible experience.

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Responsibilities & Expectations:

As a Home Care Provider, you would be expected to assist the person you support with an array of daily activities to include:
• personal hygiene routines,
• assist with or provide meals, and
• assist with medication administration if needed.

The Home Care Provider is required to have a bedroom for the person, as well as assume all responsibilities for the care of the home (i.e. lease, utilities, maintenance, etc.).

The selected Home Care Provider will receive:
• training,
• ongoing supports,
• monthly stipends that cover operating expenses of the home and the expenses associated with caring for the individual.

It is vital that you are able to work well with the Individual’s support team.

Any previous experience working in health, the medical field, or as a shared Home Care Provider is preferred.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Home Care Provider please contact Pratap Thapa (PT) @ (603) 225-4153 ext. 280

Home Care Provider Application

Primary Contact - Shared Living Program
Pratap  Thapa  (PT)   603-225-4153 ext. 280